Everett’s Coppice Working Rota 2021

20 March 2021

For 2021, due to Covid-19, we will be allowing only one group for each working day

Month                                      Group

January Saturday 9th                1st Locksheath                          Cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions

February Sunday 14th               17th Fareham                           Cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions

March Saturday 13th                Fareham East Explorers             Cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions

April Sunday 11th                     2nd Portchester

May Saturday 15th                   1st Whiteley

June Sunday 20th                     1st Fareham

July Saturday 17th                    1st Catisfield

September Sunday 12th            2nd Stubbington

October Saturday 9th               2nd Fareham

November Sunday 7th              1st Titchfield

December Saturday 11th          3rd Portchester